Educational Tours

We understand that this year has brought about challenges that most of us couldn't have even conceptualized before this. Many parents have made the decision to homeschool or participate in distance learning. We would like to provide these private specialized walks as a way to add an extra dimension to learning at home, and to bring history out of the books and off the computer screen to life.


It takes an extraordinary amount of time and research to put tours together and so we feel they are priced appropriately. However, It is our goal for these tours to be accessible to all families, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you feel they are out of reach, the world is full of possibilities and together we can work something out. 

Roger Williams and the Founding of Providence

This walk through Providence's East Side neighborhood focuses on the early settlement of the area and Roger William's importance to Rhode Island. Great for kids around 10-12 years old. Walk is roughly one hour long, and does involve a fairly steep hill. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.

Walk Price: $75

Colonial Newport

This walk will focus on Rhode Island during the Colonial period by highlighting several buildings and structures in the downtown Newport area. Walk is roughly one hour long. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.

Walk Price: $75

Slave Trade, Slavery, and Abolition in Rhode Island

Rhode Island played a major role in the Atlantic slave trade, and continued to support the institution of slavery long after the trade was ended. This walk through downtown Newport will discuss this history along with Abolitionist endeavors of the area. Walk is roughly one hour long. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.

Walk Price: $75

Civics For Kids

Pirate Treasure Hunt

A fun way to get out and enjoy the fresh fall air, this activity lasts about 45 minutes.  We'll begin with a short discussion of what leadership is and means, why rules are important, how to be respectful to others who are different, and an explanation of what it means to vote, all using age-appropriate simple activities and examples. After which, the real fun begins! Using hand drawn maps we'll talk about basic map reading skills which will lead the kids to a buried treasure at the end!

This activity takes place in Goddard Park, near the beach, and does involve stairs, gentle hills, wooded walking paths, and sand. The actual walk is very short and appropriate for little legs.

Best suited for kids around ages 4-6, and would work with only one child, but a small group makes it more interactive and fun. Maximum number of kids I would recommend would be 8. If you're interested in doing this event with families you don't know yet, feel free to reach out to me and I can do my best to connect those of you who are interested.

As social distancing while treasure hunting is fairly impossible, masks must be worn while on the hunt.

Click below to book your Treasure Hunt when it fits into your schedule!

Appointments are set up as private bookings so once you choose your time slot, it will be blocked for others. If you are doing the treasure hunt with others at the same time, simply book the slot you would like and you will be contacted shortly after booking to provide details.

Walk Price: $75

Custom Walk

Customized walks are available based on your child's curriculum, or town you would like to learn about. Please contact us to discuss details and possibilities. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times. Due to the planning involved in designing a custom tour, payment is due upon booking for custom tours. As we're operating with a no hassle cancellation policy right now, we can reschedule your tour as many times as you need to make it work for you.

Walk Price: $125

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